Design, Engineering, and Construction 


October 2016-April 2017

Renewables, Military & Energy

The SOLR ENERGY team was selected to engineer and install a 4.7MW Solar PV farm at landfill number five on Fort Campbell’s US Army base in Kentucky.  The system generates 6,204,000 KWH per year of solar energy. That’s 186 GWH over the 30 year contract.

This system utilizes qty (14,752) LG 340 Watt 72 cell modules, with qty (110) 36KW Transformer-less Solectria Inverters, and a (2 by 10) cast-in-place steel ballasted ground mounted solar racking system with integrated grounding hardware.  The system was engineered to provide 183 amps per phase at a medium voltage of 12,500VAC.

This system is designed to be non penetrating because it was sited on a government landfill.  For this reason, SOLR ENERGY engineered a ballasted racking system and an advanced ballasted tray cable system to support 100% of the low voltage cabling on site.

This system is monitored using LOCUS ENERGY and is performing even better than expected.

Siting this project on a landfill was an excellent use of otherwise wasted space. What better use for an over 20 year old government landfill than to install a solar pv generation system to offset the base’s fossil fuel consumption with clean, renewable energy!

Because this site was on a landfill, every component of the system (including those normally below ground) had to be designed to not penetrate the landfill cap. The SOLR ENERGY team implemented a SolarFlex ballasted racking system and custom engineered mounting systems for electrical panel boards, rack-mounted Solectria inverters, and a cable tray system. The medium voltage grid integration was a seamless implementation due to the tie-in using our special parallel switch gear.