Fleet Management

For 11 years certified pros at SOLR ENERGY have been installing and repairing solar energy systems. Trust a company which has gained a wide array of technical knowledge in engineering, installation, and maintenance of solar farms and commercial/industrial PV systems over 11 years. We are experts at troubleshooting and we pride ourselves on quality of work and our high marks for customer service.

O&M Services


1 System Performance Testing
2 Monitoring
3 Energy Billing
4 Preventative Maintenance
5 Measurement and Verification
6 Inspection Services
7 Troubleshooting & Repair
8 Infrared Thermography
9 IV Curve Tracing
10 Inverter Replacements
11 Cleaning Services
12 Field Test Report
13 Asset Management
14 Uptime Guarantee

Harvest the sun for your energy needs