Design, Engineering, and Construction 


February 2010 – December 2012

Renewables, Multifamily, Solar PV, EV Charging, Energy Storage

Members of the SOLR ENERGY team were contracted to develop, sell, design, and build ~500MW of solar carports with EV charging throughout the country.  This particular installation was 100KW, installed using 5KW Delta string inverters on North Foster Drive in Baton Rouge LA.  Across the street, at 1201 N Foster, there is another 54KW of solar with battery back up, which was installed using qty 6 Outback 8048s, and to the North at the Provincial South Apartments there is another 330KW of Solar Carports with EV Charging. Members of the SOLR ENERGY team were selected to design and engineer these systems as part of a larger national effort including the states of HI, CA, NJ, OR, and LA.  Installations were also completed, here in our home state of Louisiana by SOLR.

This system utilizes 280 Watt NESL (72) cell solar modules, installed on custom steel carports, using custom made ground screws with a custom auger attachment.

These systems saved the owners of the apartment complexes 10% off of their electricity costs with no money out of pocket and also allowed them to rent the covered parking at a premium.