Design, Engineering, and Construction 


September 2017 – October 2017

Renewables, Military, Energy, Solar PV 

The SOLR ENERGY team was selected to diagnose and repair an 83KW PV System located on a Marine Corps center in Tampa Florida.  The system did not meet the Rapid shut down provisions of the Nation Electrical Code.  SOLR ENERGY designed and implemented a DC Rapid shutdown system to bring this system up to code and make it safe to maintain.

This system utilizes qty (200) Kyocera 220 watt (60) cell solar modules, with an 80 KW Solectria central inverter, and a Unirac racking system installed over a fixed point steel substructure.  The system was engineered to reduce the utility cost for the USMC for this location by approximately $14,250 per year. 

Tampa’s USMC Training center now has one of the first code compliant PV systems in the country.  SOLR Energy was selected to design and install an Arc Fault Detection and Interruption (AFDI) system with a Rapid Shutdown (RS) to meet Articles 690.11 & 690.12 of the National Electrical code for safety.  Now, the system can be safely disabled with the push of a button for regular maintenance.